What We Do

Accredited since 1995, Authentix Security Print Solutions produces millions of cheques each year for both UK and overseas customers.

Our unique and patented techniques are designed to prevent both counterfeit and alteration fraud. By investing in the research and development of security printing and graphic techniques, we ensure that we stay two steps ahead of counterfeiters.

We have a wide product range of cheques and unique manufacturing processes suitable for both long and short run production, which enable us to fulfill your customer’s requirements.


Our secure pre-printed cheques include:
  • Unique, controlled-supply genuine watermark CBS1 security paper that cannot be obtained by any other company/individual
  • Secure holographic foil that acts as a visual deterrent and anti-copy feature
  • A personalised security background design created using banknote design software
  • Secure ink technology that visually bleeds upon the attempt of illegal alteration
  • Thermochromic ink to allow for immediate security verification without any tools
  • All work is guaranteed to meet C&CCC standards and produced at our Intergraf accredited site
We can also offer:
      • MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) numbering conforming to national banking & clearing standards
      • A standard or personalised hologram overprint using visible or invisible security inks
      • Additional audit or Arabic numbering


For more information please contact us to discuss your security print requirements.


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