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The paper voucher was launched over 70 years ago, and the value of the UK voucher market today is estimated to be around £4 million.

Many retailers leverage these documents to increase customer traffic, sales and overall brand awareness. Improvements in copying and scanning devices allows for vouchers to be perfectly copied and re-used.

With today’s technology, business owners have to protect their customers and their business from counterfeiters.

Authentix Security Print Solutions has developed patented technologies offering unique security and manufacturing techniques protecting high-value documents all around the world from counterfeit and alteration fraud. We can help you protect your customers and your business from risk of voucher fraud.


Our high security vouchers offer you the following:
  • Unique controlled hologram, bespoke designs, specialist UV techniques, security inks, and a range of security numbering techniques to meet your needs
  • Your designs and manufacturing are generated on one secure site, which is Intergraf and ISO Internationally accredited
  • Secure infill and mailing all carried out within our Intergraf approved site
  • Drive data analysis with valuable commercial information collected from voucher redemption

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